Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument Lecture on Oct. 18 at 1pm

*Post from Mananzo Mountain Art Council*

MOUNTAINAIR, NM – Mr. Stephen Vollmer’s presentation, “Entre Mundos: Gods, Goddesses, Saints, and the Cultural Confluence of Identity”, will provide a brief look into early missionary work in post-Conquest México. This was a time when friars, who as prototypical cultural anthropologists encountered highly evolved cultures whose pantheons in many cases, ran parallel to their own. It was during these primary years of globalization in the Sixteenth-century that the European and Native American experience resulted in a redefining, and melding, of beliefs and symbols into a hybridized expression of faith.

Mr. Vollmer will bring into the illustrated discussion, numerous contemporary sites, which for centuries have remained as pilgrimage sites that sixteenth-century friars occupied and consciously incorporated elements of traditional beliefs in order to give the new dogmas a native appearance.

For more than four decades Stephen Vollmer has worked as a cultural advisor, curator, and administrator in museums and universities in México and the United States. He has curated and participated in the development of several hundred exhibitions in both nations and has contributed numerous catalogue essays to bi-national programs. Mr. Vollmer earned a B.A and M.A. from University of the Americas in Mexico City and Puebla, México, and currently serves as an independent contractor and cultural advisor on the arts relating to Ibero-America and Border Studies.

This free interpretive presentation will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday October 18th, at the Alpine Alley Coffee Shop, 210 N. Summit, in Mountainair, NM.

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument protects the sites of ancient Pueblo settlements and structures, associated 17th century Spanish Colonial missions, and 19th century homesteads at Gran Quivira, Quarai, and Abó. Established in 1909 as a unit of the National Park Service, the Monument serves as an example of the cultural resources management movement in the United States, and provides public interpretation of our nation’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Directions and park information are available on the Monument’s Facebook page at…/Salinas-Pueblo-…/1412954302286034, and website at For more information please call (505) 847-2585, ext. 20.


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