Mountainair’s Outlaw Queen Riding for the Kids on July 4th!

Thanks to everyone who participated in last year’s poker tournment–YOUR PARTICIPATION purchased two full sets of library books for the middleschool reading program (Battle of the Books), and picked up a large part of the tab for sending our kids to this year’s Battle of the Books competition in Silver Springs.  This year we’re hoping to raise enough money to support our primary school reading program.

Okay, enough of the warm and fuzzy, and back to the outlaw stuff!  This is a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, and we have players coming from all over (California, Texas, Nevada…) to join the competition. There are only 80 seats available, so you should pre-register to reserve a seat at  The play was a lot of fun last year–we had a mix of newbies and sharks.  Janice (pictured above) took first place, and Charlotte Birmingham came in a close second.  If you’re relatively new to the game, don’t worry–this is a friendly game and there will be experienced players on the floor if you have questions.  If you’re one of the sharks, then I hope you’re practicing because we had some mighty wicked players show up last year.  My own family (merciless when it comes to poker) drove in from Texas expecting to take everything (those Texans!), and we whipped them pretty bad.  They’re coming again this year, and I’m counting on the locals to  send them home crying again!  So, if you’re a poker fan, come on over and help the home team! Maybe you’ll be crowned Mountainair’s 2012 Outlaw Poker Queen or King to boot!


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